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Se que era diff cuando estabas tu , man mana is awsome a lo full… - ..:*Chula*:.. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[May. 16th, 2008|12:57 pm]
[Current Location |at work zee yit hole]
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Se que era diff cuando estabas tu , man mana is awsome a lo full injection bro .... I hate getting my period bro it makes me think about habibi and shit. I hate this I never tho about it that way that maybe he thinks she's already moved on and I won't even try to get her back ? I hate thinking about him becase I don't know it just gets me mad I'm always going to love him no matter what he was my first love and the love of my life but we were not the same people as we were when we first met w have both change for our own good and gris getting married and I have to get use to the idea that that's it , I know when he has baby is going to brake my heart . But that's life damn it Cathy keep your head up you have boobylyng and he is better is everyones eyes except me :-( bcause I'm the only person that knows how real it was and will never be the same that's life and what ever happens happens I am happy w/ Mickey and I pray to God that I fall in love w/ him deeply and stronger and it never fails 88, and habibi it hitted me at the end. And this time I am not going to make the same mistakes I am going to life my life to the fullest and then don't regret anything and hells no I wil not make the same mistakes never again I already saw the way habibi cried for me and got hurt I wouldn't want to see mmc like that it will brake my. Heart !!!! Well enough I'm out gotta go back to work nigga ! Te adoro mi tesoro . I loved you David fredid Martinez.