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Mardigrass gurl with the feathers [Jun. 1st, 2005|10:54 am]
[mood |anxious1 MORE DAY!COÑO! JUST 1!!]

(big ups to da FAMILY)!!! a.a.f.!well yea im here in class.. chillin , cuz the web design final was too easy!... wow... but yea.. the math final.. too bad i can't say de same thing :/.. omg last nite stressing big time , i had a project due and my parents got pist b/c i waited to the very last mn.. so w/e since my bro was already too pist at me , i asked my homeboy for a ride so he took me(mike) yea.. so yes !thanks to him i did that , and i finish that and i knocked da hell out..bro i was spleeping downstairs.. with a damn spleeping bag b/c my aunt was spleeping in my room.. so w/e.. we get out at 11:30! i can't wait bro juist 1 more freaking day!!!
-cathy-bro his so stupid da hell his telling me this , like i CARE BRO i do!
-ernie-w/e cathy dont sweat it just forget it bro..

-cathy-wait..rewind that whoa..what i meant was i know child plz. i care less but im just saying!
-ernie-yes cathy i know i know u .. but w/e
i tho that was too funny , but lol i look lik an idiot cuz only me n him get it.. but yes bak to that.. that was very uncalled for y should i care about.......... blank blank lol..
i do , but is lik w/e.. de things i get my self into ahy Dios..
cuñis!!!!!!! i loveeeeeeeeeee youssssssssss!!!!! =) cuñis spleeping over my ksa on thursday and chillin for da whole day..
-cathy-nena..ahy no yose que es tal.
-cuñis-entonces ya! definete
-cathy-yo yo se q' esta mal.. pero no ahora.
-cathy en un tiempito mas , dame mas tiempo!!
-cuñis-lol esta china! .. lol

o yea be4 i forget wendy guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurl!!! HAPPY B-DAY! MAN!!... love u gurl u bestest be having de best b-day out of yo lyf! !!!!! ma'am!! lol
nana-NO LA AGUANTO!!! ÑoOoOoOoo!!BUT SHHH!! lols
ahy my poor love nicole! mijita! i told u those 3 cought drops will help! =) anytime mija
o yea what was that new thing that i learn 2day? NTP.. lols..
bueno i think is enuff , but im still bored.. i should just keep going and going and going...
but yea.. let me go to sumthing so buh bye!
1 more freaking day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!